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Newborn & Sibling Photos: Tips and Tricks

If you already have a little one (or a few) it can be overwhelming to think about a family session with your newborn. At best, kids are spontaneous and unpredictable with new people and in new places. So the decision to undertake a studio session and pay for photos may feel totally overwhelming.

For this reason, as a Long Island newborn photographer, I frequently travel to family's homes for their newborn sessions. I find lots of parents with children want to come to the studio though. They get to relax while I work with your baby and the children usually get to hang out after their part of the session is done.

In studio, I always begin sessions with family photos. It allows your big kids to get it out of the way and helps lull the baby into a nice sleepy state.

At your home, I also try to do this - while I set up, you feed the baby and then we start by taking photos all together.

Every session is different but I always attempt to take photos of your children together. Sometimes in different set-ups and with different temperaments, this might not be possible. This is where the magic of editing comes into play. I always take a few test images of a sibling with the props I am using - if we can't get them to cooperate, I will take two separate images and build a composite of them both for you.

If they are happy to be together, then we can take adorable cuddly images together.

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