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Long Island Maternity Photography - What to Expect When You're Expecting

Maternity Photography Long Island NY

As a professional maternity photographer on Long Island, I cannot tell you how many expecting women say to me "ugh, I hate the way I look" or "I'm not confident in my body normally, forget about now" or my favorite "I'm a whale". While they may be focused on photographing their newborn when the time comes, none of them actually want to be photographed themselves. As a woman who got behind the camera to avoid ever being in front of one, I could NOT understand MORE! So many women grow up with body issues, it's actually a miracle anyone WANTS to take maternity photos. But, most of us will probably only end up being pregnant for no more than 18 months of our lives. Experiencing this for only 1.5 years in the span of 70+ years (if we're lucky) is such a fleeting moment in time which is why when people ask, I always say to book a maternity session.

Most photographers, myself included, bundle maternity and newborn photography so ask before you book! Most maternity sessions take place from 26-34 weeks. If your pregnancy has been a rough one, I always recommend booking before your third trimester - it's when you'll feel the least like yourself and probably the least likely to want to paste a smile on (or leave the house...I don't judge).

On Long Island, we are lucky that at least 6 months of the year we can comfortably take images outdoors if you're interested in that. Otherwise, my studio is the perfect spot for timeless and gorgeous images.

If you didn't take maternity images with your first (or second, or third...) and are now thinking "well this is my last baby..." then truly think about a maternity session. My maternity sessions incorporate the entire family. Getting to showcase your family for the last time as it is and the excitement of preparing for a new life to join you is absolutely one of my favorite things.

Here's what to expect when you book a maternity session with me.

  1. I will always ask you if you're having a boy or a girl. I can't help it! I'm nosy!! If you don't know, that's totally fine. But if you do, it helps me to get some ideas for your images and dresses that I think will be perfect for you. Yes, I have ALL my own maternity dresses that will be yours once you book! You just come to the studio in some nude undergarments with your hair and makeup done the way you like. I take care of the rest. Note, I do not recommend coming to the studio in just'll have to take care of a daily outfit for yourself. But trust that my maternity dresses will be here for you!

  2. If this is your first child then couples images as well as some solo shots will be the majority of your session. If you have one or more children, we will go over their age and sizes. Most likely I have a little girls dress that will compliment at least one of your dresses for an adorable "mommy and me" look! I try to take some posed family shots as well as individual and then some just of you all being yourselves. Because what is better than a true genuine laugh captured for eternity?!

  3. Once you book, we'll do a virtual or in-person consultation. You'll see the gowns for yourself and we'll narrow it down to three.

  4. I create a custom style guide for you with the backgrounds and corresponding dresses based on your selections. I have a million backdrops but dresses tend to fit some better than others. The style guide is also a great way to get the other family members in coordinated attire. For younger children, I never recommend changing them into 3 matching outfits though...what a way to lose momentum!

  5. On the day of the session, make your way to my Manhasset studio for your session. You will have a private changing room, complete with mirrors as well as a lovely lounge area for you to relax in. This is your home for as long as you are here.

  6. In studio, I do shoes off images - I think that you photograph better and plus you don't have to spend a fortune on the "perfect" shoe for a variety of dresses.

  7. I pace differently according to the circumstances. If you have a four year old, we are going to move really quickly...and probably bribe them at the end with a cupcake or cookie (preapproved by you mom)! If it's just you and your partner we can take our time in each set-up (posed and candid) focusing on your connection and the new life you've created together.

  8. Each one of my in-studio sessions includes at least one digital composite. These are beautiful backdrops that you are dropped into to create a Vogue-worthy image of your pregnancy. While we talk about what you're looking for and your inspiration ahead of time, the actual composite is chosen by me to ensure you look like you're actually there...instead of like a bad green screen.

  9. Then you get to just enjoy the images until we meet again for your newborn session!

Hopefully you feel like you're not alone after reading this...not many women feel their "best self" when pregnant. But, memorializing it for yourself, your family and your newborn baby is priceless. Contact me today and we can get started on your very own dream maternity session!

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