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Long Island Newborn Photographer: FAQs

Expecting parents, especially those expecting their first child, spend 9 months getting bombarded with so many opinions, parenting articles, that it all starts to seem overwhelming. "If I don't get the PERFECT stroller, will my baby be OK?", "Do I need that Snoo that everyone says is a miracle for sleep" and 3000 more questions. What expecting parents don't need is to question how to handle a newborn session after the baby arrives.

First, do your research. There are lots of photographers on Long Island. Not everyone has taken appropriate safety courses including infant CPR and multiple safety sessions. Newborn safety has to come first - more than any adorable images you may be seeing online. It's one of the reasons that I tell all my clients I am baby-led. We may be working on a certain set-up and baby is telling us NO THANK YOU. I listen and we move onto something else. Sometimes baby allows us to come back to it. Sometimes not. And that's OK! No one remembers the photos that weren't taken.

Second, book in advance.

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