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Long Island Studio Cake Smash Sessions: What to Expect

When your baby has a birthday, you celebrate - not just the baby but also your own accomplishments. Mom and Dad, you are keeping that little human safe, loved, and protected for another whole year! You've been watching them grow and learn while simultaneously growing and learning yourself. There's a lot to love about a little one's birthday!

Personally, I love a cake smash session as much as anyone else. Babies getting all covered in cake and just looking, generally, adorable? Who wouldn't like that?! Cake smash sessions aren't just for one year olds. Although older children won't be interested in tearing into a cake with their fingers, birthdays a great milestone to take professional photos and mark each child's growth! And, I've never met a child of any age (or me for that matter) that turns down a beautiful cupcake as part of their session!

My cake smash photography sessions are best done in my studio in Manhasset, located on the North Shore of Long Island for the main reason that it gets cleaned after every use and you are not responsible for that cleaning! But, sometimes parents want the cake smash done at their own home for the benefit of their extended family to witness.

My cake smash session options range from simple sessions with patterned backdrops, an adorable outfit and a white three-layered cake to a fully customized theme with a themed cake, outfit and cut-outs.

I am currently the only photographer on Long Island doing cut-outs for every single signature cake smash session. These cut-outs are yours to take home and my families LOVE that this saves so much time and money on decorations. Plus, it keeps the entire theme flowing throughout the birthday party. As your child grows, I find the theme's become more unique and tailored to your child. Maybe your first year you had a travel theme but now they really love Sesame Street. Each year getting to highlight what your child is into right then is such a sweet way to memorialize their growth, freezing a moment in time for all time!

For all sessions, we will have a consultation once you are booked! I will walk you through the process of picking a theme, if you don't have one in mind. Or, if you may have one in mind how I can bring it to life. We also talk through the creative elements of whatever cake you would like, including all organic and natural cakes or those with sugar. Clothing will be provided to work flawlessly with your theme, regardless of age if you desire. As kids gets older they may have a particular outfit which you already own, which is fine! I am kid led. They make the rules and I just live by them!

We start the session with some beautiful photos sans cake. This allows us to capture your birthday child at their very best. Then, out comes the cake. In almost all infant sessions, the actual smashing of the cake is the highlight. I have a baby friendly organic recipe that uses no artificial or added sweeteners. It can also be made dairy or gluten free depending on dietary preferences. For older kids (2+), I find a beautiful cupcake that is in theme incentivizes a child to get a little messy while not getting their hands and fingers all dirty which they may be particularly sensitive to.

It will usually take us 30-60 minutes to document this time and Mom and Dad are welcome to join in the fun as well! Younger kids get bathtub time (always a favorite for even the most unhappy child) and so your little one is entirely clean and free of mess. Afterwards, leave the provided-for clothes and mess with me and go on your way. Any leftovers can be packed up for you to take home with you on request.

Your gallery will be available shortly after our session and can be expedited depending on the actual birth date. A client favorite is a birthday party board to be displayed at their party along with custom thank you cards featuring the birthday boy or girl!

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