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Long Island Family Photo Sessions Tips & Tricks

Updated: 3 days ago

Long Island, Manhattan and the outer boroughs have a million wonderful places to take photographs! And whether you are a family of 2 or 8, a family photo session outside allows you to create special moments for you and your family!

To get the very best out of your photography session on location follow these tips:

  1. Plan ahead: I always do a pre-session consultation with you. There, we think about your overall aesthetic and vibe. We brainstorm colors, backdrops, and location options. I always pre-scout our location choices to make sure we don't waste time finding the best places to take photographs.

  2. Choose a location: I usually recommend we go places your children already know and are comfortable with like a nearby playground or even in your backyard, especially if they are hesitant or shy around new people. I am fun though so if you have a more adventurous family, I will suggest a number of locations that we can use whether you're looking for beach, garden, cityscape, or other backgrounds. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I let you in on some of my best kept location secrets.

  3. Dress comfortably: I provide outfits for children up to 3T and we can arrange that based on my client closet. Refreshed constantly you can choose the outfits that speak most to you. Choose clothing that is reflective of your family's personality. Avoid wearing patterns that could be distracting in the photos. Also, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as sometimes we will be walking or standing for extended periods.

  4. Coordinate your outfits: For each session, I send you a custom outfit guide - this will be based on our pre-session consultation and it includes not just primary colors but also complementary colors so you can choose if you'd like your family to be perfectly matching or just color-coordinated. Although most family sessions don't last long enough for outfit changes, we can certainly work together to do a few different looks especially if you want to use the photos for holiday cards or to announce a special family moment.

  5. Bring props: Props can add a fun and personalized touch to your photos. Consider bringing the family pet (for more on pets in my studio, click here for more tips and tricks!) or other things that represent your family and your passions (love hiking? Let's go on a trail with backpacks and some walking sticks; love the beach? Don't forget your colorful beach umbrella) .

  6. Stay relaxed and have fun: The more relaxed and natural you are during the shoot, the better the photos will turn out. Don't be afraid to goof around or show some emotion – those genuine moments always make for the best photos! If your kids are uptight, having you get upset will only make it worse. Keep smiling at me and I promise we'll capture some amazing images while you're not paying attention!!

  7. Be patient: I always try to get individual photos as well as composites of the entire family. Sometimes this means that I'll be focused on one child over another - this is where patience, toys (and maybe some snacks) come in handy! I always come prepared with snacks in accordance with your dietary preferences. A favorite toy works wonders to distract from the more boring parts of a photo session.

Ready to book your own Long Island family session? Get in touch!

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