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Mommy & Me Mini Studio Sessions in Manhasset

Updated: Apr 10

This year I've decided to skip Easter mini sessions. With Easter so early this year and so many newborn and milestone sessions in March it just made no sense to try to fit it all in. I promise to be back next year for them!! Instead, I'm doing studio mini sessions for Mother's Day in my Manhasset (Nassau County) studio! I'm so excited about an opportunity to connect with new and old clients and really focus on MOM.

With select dates in April, my Mommy and Me Studio Sessions will feature moms and their children with lots of special extras like fresh flower bouquets for mom and a fun mimosa bar!

Let's talk about my mini sessions that happen in studio...

Booking happens online - Book here! And as soon as you book, you'll receive a mini questionnaire. Because our time together is so limited, filling out the questionnaire allows me to call your children by their names and have some ideas of what you want to prioritize. Some moms love posed images and others prefer crazy candids. It's always fun to capture the images that YOU want.

About a week before our session together, you'll receive a comprehensive outfit guide specifically for our session.

What is an outfit guide? It's a guide I put together for each session that I do. It includes colors of the backdrop and props as well as suggested colors for you and your family. I include helpful tips and tricks for going through your closet and choosing a color palette that works well for your family. You NEVER have to go shopping for our sessions together. I promise that with my outfit guide you can find the perfect outfits already in your closet!

When the day comes, you'll be in my studio for 15-20 minutes. It's almost impossible for me to do 15 minutes because I love to talk and I love to make connections with your kids. And I don't know many kids that feel super comfortable with a stranger in only 15 minutes.

I am a studio that is baby and child-led. What that means is when they need to take a break, we take a break. If they think a pose is uncomfortable, we change it. Of course, I am in total control of your session but the worst thing for a child is to feel forced into something that is supposed to be just FUN! And I promise if your child/children are having fun, you'll be relaxed and your images will come out exactly as you wanted. Even grumpy kids can give me some wonderful smiles with the right encouragement.

OK, so you've gotten your family dressed (no small feat), gotten to my studio on time (kudos on that mama) and taken your photos...PHEW. Now what?

Well, then I get busy after the session. I cull all of your session images and pick a selection for you to review. Yes, I am an overshooter. No, I never know when to stop. Yes, I usually love too many of your images to give you the gallery I told you I would. I'm sorry. These are my photography flaws!

Your online gallery will be available and password protected through Pixieset. This ensures privacy for you and your family as well as give you a place for you and others to review the images before choosing.

With the purchase of a Mommy & Me Mini Session you will receive SEVEN digital images as well as one of those images as a printed 8x10 included in your package. You will favorite those six images you choose and then I will get to work editing them. The plan is to have all the images and your print delivered by Mother's Day.

Upgrade your package for more prints, a framed print or a beautiful canvas for your home...the possibilities are unlimited!

Don't love an in studio look? Outdoor sessions are coming almost feels like we could spend time outside without freezing...almost! I can't wait until we are there though. I can't wait to see you all soon!

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