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Our 2023 Lookbook

Unique to my photo studio is our annual lookbook. Created with you, the client, in mind, this details dozens of themes that I have put together over the years. Each year, I enjoy thinking about current trends and what might appeal to families; I am constantly on the lookout for new props and outfits that give our lookbook a new feel each time you schedule a session with me.

So, what is a lookbook? A lookbook is basically a catalogue sorted by themes. For example, for a cake smash, you'll find a variety of themes ranging from princess to baseball to dinosaur! Depending on you, and your child's interests, we can create an entire world that speaks to your family.

Holiday sessions may have special props. For example, some years, I offer clients the opportunity to have a session in a pumpkin patch - pumpkins being a great prop! For the holidays, I have a red vintage sleigh that is a delight to many of my repeat clients. How amazing to watch your little ones grow into and then out of the sleigh.

The lookbook is meant to provide a truly customized and unique experience to you. However, I have some clients that are happy for me to take the lead. I LOVE that! I spend time on a consultation call prior to each session and there, I get to know a little about you and your preferences.

Also, you should know if I'm photographing in your home I will always bring a couple of extra outfits. In the moment, we may decide that one just feels better. Or, if your child is old enough, they'll have a say in what they wear as well! Get them involved in the lookbook process and you'll find they are even more excited when the day of our photo session arrives.

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